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JME design and manufacture digital radiography systems to meet customers specific inspection requirements.

All JME (DR) Systems are built with an integrated safety system, which includes emergency stop buttons and monitored door interlocks, audible pre-warning and fail safe warning lamps. All JME (DR) systems meet all the statutory requirements of the current Ionising Radiation Regulations at time of build.

Digital Imaging - The way forward

Wet film radiography has been accepted and used as a NDT technique for many years. However new X-Ray imaging techniques are now available and offer many advantages over film. As a leader in the field of advanced inspection equipment JME can offer Digital radiography (DR) to our customers.

JME can:

  • Provide advice on choosing and using our DR systems, radiographic techniques and safety requirements.
  • Conduct feasibility studies and trials.
  • Design and manufacture turn key solutions.
  • Supply X-Ray sources.
  • Supply assessor and image manipulation software.
  • Provide after sales service and repair.

What are the advantages?

  • DR is faster: Dependant on the application, images can be produced in seconds, increasing productivity dramatically.
  • Reduced running cost: DR uses no film or chemicals and therefore does not require conventional processing.
  • Improved Image Quality: Dependant on the application, images can be produced which are superior to their film equivalent thereby enabling better inspection. A pixel size of down to 75 μm is achievable.
  • Film Emulation: If required images can be processed to emulate conventional radiographic film such as D4 or D7.
  • File Labelling: Image files can be electronically labelled with information about the work piece. This could include a description, job number, date, time etc. Labelling can appear as an overlay on the image, electronically embedded in the file or a combination of both.
  • Image manipulation: Computer software may be used to manipulate the images. This can help to highlight flaws by adjusting parameters such as contrast, brightness and dynamic range. Sections of image may be magnified. Also digital point to point measurements can be made.
  • Automated flaw detection: DR systems can be designed to automatically scan an image and report flaws. Such equipment can operate as an automated 'go / no-go' inspection system.

How does DR work?

DR works by replacing the conventional radiographic film with an electronic imaging panel. The panel is connected to a computer which 'captures' the image digitally and stores it as a data file. A conventional X-ray source is used. There are other types of image capturing devices to suit different applications.

The resulting image can be viewed on a monitor, digitally enhanced or manipulated, archived, printed or emailed as required. We can even make the image files tamper evident so that you will know if anyone has attempted to alter them in any way.

Example project undertaken by JME Ltd.

A leading international submarine cable installation company commissioned JME to conduct a feasibility study into replacing their existing cable joint radiography cabinets on their fleet of ships with JME DR systems.

The Brief:

To investigate if DR was appropriate for the customers application and show that acceptable results would be obtained. The results of the study indicated that a considerable reduction in the time taken to produce a set of images would be made. Also better images could be anticipated.

Following the initial study, two development contracts were awarded to JME Ltd, one for a factory based DR system and a second for a ship based systems.

Our team of development engineers designed both systems on time and within budget. The customer is now enjoying all the benefits of their new systems and anticipates replacing all of their existing film based cable joint x-ray systems with new JME DR systems.

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